How to remove Favorites and Recent Folders in the Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 Technical Preview being out, we are exploring it to the deepest depths; we can reach. Packed with bunch of new features like the all new start menu and the gauzy command prompt complimented with Virtual Desktops. Certainly we don’t like all.

Favorites and Recent Folders is the argument today.
You log on and click File Explorer, you are navigated to an all new area, “Home” ( top of the left navigation pane)
Unfortunately, “Home” here does not give that “Homie” feeling especially if you use your machine on a shared desk, or have fells access to your desktop.

Home here is referred as a place where you will find favorites, recent folders and recent files collectively.


Things we are going to do now

  • open the registry
  • rename the registry keys that correspond to Recent Files, Recent Folders, and Favorites.

Step1: Open Registry Editor as Administrator. 

Press The Windows Logo, and type “regedit”
you will find “regedit.exe”
Right click and run it as Administrator.


Step2: Navigating to the “Delegate folder”.

“Before you find your way and mess around with Registry, it is recommended to make a backup of your registry.”

Now click through the tree in the left pane until you get DelegateFolders.

Here’s the full path:



You’ll see three cryptic keys in registry which relates to your recent files, recent folders and favorites.

  • Recent Files {3936E9E4-D92C-4EEE-A85A-BC16D5EA0819}
  • Recent Folders {4564b25e-30cd-4787-82ba-39e73a750b14}
  • Favorites {d34a6ca6-62c2-4c34-8a7c-14709c1ad938}

Step3: Renaming each cryptic key.

Rename each cryptic key and add adi to the beginning of the string.





Step4: Refresh!

Return to the File Explorer and refresh. There you go, Empty!


Call for Technical Assistance and your Feedback’s are always a welcome… 🙂

Aditya Deshpande

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