Access “USB” settings on WP8.1 (USB settings are not available in “all settings”)

Well, windows phone 8.1 users have a “USB Setting” as well. never found it.?
Oh! its not there under “All Settings” but its there in our phones

and to gain access “Bing Search” or “Cortana” will help us.

Here’s how…

Step 1: Open Default search “Bing Search” or “Cortana” with the help of dedicated Search button (magnifying glass)


Step 2: search for “usb“.
(text or voice input both works super and exactly same 😉 )

Step 3: By default it searches the “web“, “swipe Right”  and it will search in “phone“.


Step 4: There you go.! tap “USB” and you will have the USB settings which were inaccessible so far.



(contact for technical support is always a welcome 🙂 )
Aditya Deshpande

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