Just in case you failed with “Project my screen”

If you don’t get a prompt on your phone
the Project my Screen app remains blank/black

You are likely to have Driver issues.

Its time to Launch ‘Device Manager’

Device Manager
Now you are expected to uninstall and remove all the “Portable Devices” drivers and the related “USB device drivers”.

Follow this Process, keeping your device plugged in:

  1. Right-click on each driver you want to delete and select ‘uninstall’
    Uninstall Drivers
  2. A dialog will pop up asking you to confirm uninstallation. If you also have the option to delete/remove the drivers, select that.
  3. Once you have uninstalled all the concern drivers, unplug and replug in your phone back and Windows should take care of “Driver Re-installation”
  4. You should also now get the screen projection prompt
    Projectonscreen POPUP

There you go.! 😉

In Action

Happy projecting!

(contact for technical support is always a welcome 🙂
Aditya Deshpande

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