How To Get CORTANA Outside United States.

Who She is..??

  • Cortana is a personal digital assistant,
  • Cortana is text as well as voice stimulate.
  • She substitutes the search function in Windows. Her acumen comes via Bing.
  • She can do almost everything for you, while being inside or outside your pocket, in your windows phone


Is it possible to get her outside US.??

Yes, It’s possible to get Cortana working outside United States,but how?

Steps are really simple, and are totally reversible just incase you wish to say goodbye to Cortana (which you surely won’t do ever.)

Step 1: Navigate to the settings page.

i’m pretty sure everyone knows how to do that, just in case someone does not know or has not travelled the new route. Slide down from the top of the Start Screen to pull down the Notification Center to select “All Settings”

Step 2: Change Your Region.


Change your Default Region to United States.

Step 3: Change Your Language.


Change your Default Language to English (United States).
You might need to ‘tap’ “Add languages” option if English (United States) is not available.
and at this particular time it will ask you to “restart phone” to complete the operation, this is minor and update process wont take much time nearly 5 minutes. Still. being patient is never a bad gameplay.

Step 4: Change Your Speech.



Change your Default Speech language to English (United States).
You just need to ‘tap’ “English (United States)“.
this will download the language, cortana currently understands and interprets.
Remember Cortana will go inactive in any unsupported language. for example “English (India)”
So this is a vital transformation that you need to undergo.

Step 5: Change Your Keyboard,

(well this is not actually required by cortana, but just to make it unified and “swipe keyboard” working well do this also.)


Change your Default Keyboard to English (United States).
You might need to ‘tap’ “Add keyboard” option if English (United States) is not available.
and this time also if it asks you to “restart phone” to complete the operation as it did in “Add languages”, cooperating would be a good idea as its just a restart and that will be quick.

Thats all… you are good to say Hi.! to Cortana, she is there with you all the time, Live tile, App List and the Search button too.!


Have Fun…
(Prefer WiFi and Stable Internet connectivity for all your updates)


(contact for technical support is always a welcome 🙂
Aditya Deshpande

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