I have a dream


I have a dream. A dream of using my machine with seamless background updates without worrying about the restarts. A dream of using any device without worrying about drivers. A dream to connect projectors, speakers, power plugs without carrying additional adapters. A dream to connect my headphones to any phone, any in-flight system without thinking about splitters and connectors. A dream to use a single USB spec cable with all devices. A dream to collaborate with my colleagues without thinking about collaborating software (and its resource utilization). I have a dream.

Collaboration: Outlook, Teams, Telegram, Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Skype for Business


Adapters: US, Europe, Japan, Asia and what not


Headset/Speakers: 2.5mm/3.5mm and splitter for in-flight systems


Adapters/Dongles: USB-C/Mini Display to various formats and network connections


Mayur Tendulkar

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The More interactive ListView.

List view being one of the most preferred item for displaying data. Out of the box it is well suited for displaying data or single type interactions with the list items, but what if we want to make the list view more interactive? And have different behaviours got different taps on a single list item. Example having a list of contacts, with their profile info and contact details and being able to connect with them in the least number of clicks (a good thing to consider from a UX point of view).

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Possible to-do’s that can fix, “Restore Nuget failed, process busy!”

Stuck while restoring Nuget packages? Well, there can be a multitude of reasons for the failure of the restoration of nuget packages. One of many is “because it is being used by another process.”

and you might end up with something similar on the error list:

error: error while writing anim: obj\Debug\android\bin\classes\android\support\design\R$anim.class (The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)

public static final class anim {MyNameSpace.Mobile.Droid X:\..Path..\MyNameSpace.Mobile\MyNameSpace.Mobile.Droid\obj\Debug\android\src\android\support\design\R.java 

The process cannot access the file ‘R$anim.class’ because it is being used by another process. MyNameSpace.Mobile.Droid


NuGet Package restore failed: Microsoft.Bcl.Build.Tasks.dll used by another process

NuGet Package restore failed for project MyProject.Application: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\MySolution\packages\Microsoft.Bcl.Build.1.0.21\build/Microsoft.Bcl.Build.Tasks.dll’ because it is being used by another process..


So let’s get started,

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Binding Events to Command

In the context of commanding, behaviors are a useful approach for connecting a control to a command. In addition, they can also be used to associate commands with controls that were not designed to interact with commands.

I will try to summarise an extract and a reusable code for binding Events to Commands.

Behaviors allow us to add functionality to UI controls like labels, etc without having to subclass them. Behaviors are written in code and added to controls in XAML or code.

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Puneri Patya!

I just bumped into some sarcastic posters from IT World. If you are a developer or have ever been a part of a DevTeam and you can work around to understand Marathi, I’m sure you can relate to these and enjoy them. 😛

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Search through ListView items in Xamarin Forms

So basically there are 2 things we need to have

  1. a list view with items in it.
  2. a search bar to input search query on.

and that would be very much of it.
in the XAML part, I will just include these 2 things but of course, you can be creative and manipulate the view.

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Dice 🎲

Eliminating the actual dice and providing user with virtual dice on the go, this app gives you exactly the same feel of using actual dice. You have a choice to pick between one or two fair dice, depending on the game that you are playing.


[For More]- http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/d-i-c-e/0032ba1e-8b4c-4af6-9184-77af41413b45

[or]- http://bit.ly/psrdice

[or]- Scan QR code For Download

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